How To Add A Signature In Webmail

If you are struggling to find how to add a signature in the new webmail interface, please see below as we walk you through how to add, manage and setup your email signature

  1. Log into your webmail and click on settings on the left

2. Now click on ‘Identities’ and then click Create

3. Fill in the display name and details for your signature, click the image icon if you are wanting to edit in HTML

4. If you are wanting to access the Source (HTML Coding) click <> to access the source code, otherwise you can start typing to build your signature

5. Add your HTML if you have chosen the Source Code

6. Click save once you have finished

7. If you are using HTML, then don’t forget to click Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages > Compose HTML Messages

and put this to ALWAYS which will show your HTML signature.