Blogging Websites

In today’s digital age, with other options available, why do you need a website?

Your Facebook profile and Instagram page are not enough to promote your business. Even if you’re confident that things are going well, how much potential income are you missing?

– Why is a website important?

* A well-designed website builds trust

Even if you reach out to potential customers on Facebook, they’re almost certainly looking for more detail.

Your social media activity keeps everyone up to date, and even allows potential customers to get a sense of your personality, but are Facebook and Twitter enough?

In fact, people are inherently cautious about the information that they find on Facebook. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a Facebook page is genuine. Other times, you might wonder if the opening hours information for a certain shop is accurate. Even the best business owners find it difficult to create a professional social profile.

* A well-designed website is a brand

A Stanford study found that 75% of people judge a company based on its website.

People pay attention to the words, graphics and images you use and your overall website design.

On Facebook, even if you’re using every option for customisation, all business pages look similar.

How do you stand out amongst crowds of similar businesses, when your profiles look just the same as theirs?

* Your customers are looking for you

Did you know that 85% of B2B purchases start with a simple web search? Your clients really want to find your website, and they’ll be wary if it doesn’t exist.

If you don’t have a website, you might not even be found. If someone already knows about your business, a lack of website might make them wonder if your company has actually closed down.

Not having a website can also make your business look cheap and unreliable. What message are you sending if your only online presence can be found on a free social network?

Investing in a high-quality website is incredibly important, showing that you really mean business.

– Website woes? Resolved!

Whether you’re in need of a brand new website, or a professional website re-design to improve your overall image, why not give Healy Web Design a call?

With affordable flyer websites starting at just £180, your home on the web is well within your budget. Or, invest a little more in a 3-page website to power through search engine results.

Websites exist for good reason. Search for any notable business, and ask yourself if it’s time to join them.